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The Next Generation

By 6th August 2019 No Comments

Lisa Lashes School of Music has been making (sound) waves over the last year.  Opening centres in Northampton and Manchester, with future schools opening in London and Cambridge.

In terms of DJing and music production there is no minimum or maximum age limit, which is why there should be no surprise when we state that the school has graduated a new class of learners.

Children in need of alternative provision.

When children are excluded or expelled from school, there is very little to occupy them.  This can lead to difficulties in social development, as well as challenges reengaging them back in the academic environment.  The School of Music offers an opportunity to learn something completely unique in an environment vastly different from schools.  And we have seen immense growth in these students, with the majority of them now going back into schools.

Names have been changed to protect the students.

When Declan started, he struggled with his temper, had trouble with engaging with others his age, and was very reluctant to spend time on any form of assignment.  In LLSOM, he has quickly become a top student, thriving on the positive environment which is able to devote time to each student.  Declan was given an individual learning plan, and we are pleased to report that he recently had his first ever sleepover with one of the boys at the school!

He became heavily involved in the sessions that were about staging press shots for social media and has even discovered ambitions to set up his own photography company.

At the showcase, Declan was able to perform on the decks in front of his parents, playing the music he had produced.  On the showcase he was sad to be bidding the course goodbye, saying “it really is the school no one wants to leave”.

Another student, Hannah, was less engaged at first, but when we tailored some of the lessons to include one of her favourite topics, we were able to see her grow and start thinking about her future goals.  She was able to get involved and learn from Deborah about how to apply make-up, even arranging a photoshoot to show the skills she had developed.

And these are just two of our amazing students.

One of the parents expressed that this course is “the perfect opportunity for those children who are massively misunderstood by the education system!  This course has given my son the confidence and reassurance to find a path for his future”.

We are so proud to see how far they have come, and we are overjoyed to say that there are plans to roll out this provision to other areas.

Bethany McTrustery

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