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LLSOM (Lisa Lashes School of Music) is a vibrant and creative organisation, where pupils are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve endless possibilities.

The children and young people are at the heart of every decision we make to ensure they are happy, confident, and provided with opportunities that are relevant to their needs both now and in the future. 

All children should be able to experience success, growth and reach their full potential

We believe candidates should be curious about their learning and through our unique and engaging curriculum, we ensure pupils can foster a passion for learning that will help to develop high aspirations, confidence, and a lifetime of memories alongside a well-rounded education were individual talents and strengths are encouraged and nurtured!  

We marry creativity with academic learning which allows confidence to blossom and outstanding results to flourish

The school has a dedicated team of experts who work hard to reach expert standards, and this is further embedded through our successful relationships with parents, authorities and our delivery within schools and the local community.  

We value every parent and carer’s interest and support as we believe a partnership approach serves the pupils needs and expectations and, by providing our pupils with the right tools this means educational progress and ambition is necessary to develop a successful and inspired future. 

“We passionately believe that education is a partnership between home and school”

This could include reintegration into mainstream school, building confidence and self-belief, or even more tailored SEND (Special Educational Need or Disability) and/or EHCP (Education Health Care Plans) needs.  

“We aim to enrich children’s and pupils experience, using the power of music and learning”

This includes cultivating a productive lifestyle, personal resilience, transferable skills and even the basic values required to become the responsible and positive member of society, we believe all children deserve the chance to be.  

What we do

We deliver courses and bespoke programmes designed to encourage a love of learning with our highly skilled and experienced industry professionals. Our industry experts have an abundance of knowledge spanning many areas in the music, creative, event management and night-time industry sectors. During delivery, we take the view that one size does not fit all, and we strive to adapt our delivery where possible.

How we deliver

LLSOM can tailor the delivery setting based on organisational and learner needs. Our team can deliver face to face lessons, or through virtual learning environments.

We deliver our tried and tested curriculum where full compliance is adhered to according to DfE guidance. Our focus is on engaging effectively and safely, and our comprehensive approach and holistic approach which supports the mental health and well-being needs of all participants.

Why are we unique?

We are a government-funded organisation acting as a rest bite for children and adults ‘at risk of’ becoming excluded from school. LLSOM have an extremely high record of accomplishment in putting pupils back into mainstream education where we believe they are best suited.

We utilise many different funding streams as we believe music and education should not come at a cost to anyone who decides they would like to pursue a more sustainable career path.

The creative industry is the 5th largest UK sector creating over 1.3 million jobs. Our staff have substantial knowledge within the sector, additionally supported by our partnership with the NTIA (Nighttime Industries Association – To offer new candidates for the industry to progress into the areas we believe they will flourish in.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of bite-sized lessons to handhold our pupils into relevant opportunities, where we can accommodate a level 1 entry into higher education and colleges. We embed functional skills, British Values, equality, and diversity, as well as incorporating the curricular areas outlined by DfE (such as technological, human, social, aesthetic, and creative areas of learning). We achieve a high-quality delivery of our curriculum with consideration of feedback from pupils and tutors to adapt and update where necessary.

Our Lessons

We have created a broad spectrum of lessons, written to a high standard using Ofsted guidance. Here is a selection of our tried and tested lessons:

Music production
Event management
DJ skills and theory
Lyric writing
Radio broadcasting
Interview techniques
Soft skills
Mental health awareness and mindfulness
Plus, many more lessons, resources, and additional training modules.

Our Approach

We create a safe, inclusive environment where pupils can feel valued, supported, and nurtured to create, learn, and thrive. We aim that every pupil will gain confidence, self-esteem, understanding, and personal growth. All, whilst helping them to develop knowledge, skills, and even memories, that will last a lifetime.

Our Tutor Team

Brandon Reeve

Business Manager

Music Producer and DJ, 'Breeve'.
Youngest MTV DJ Winner.
Holds L5 Diploma in Education.
Online Leader & Manager.

Ben Keen


DJ and producer, as 'BK' and 'Tuff London'.
Award winning producer.
Worldwide recognition.
Worked with record labels around the globe.

Finn and Sonny Murphy


DJ’s and Producers, under 'Murphy's Law'.
Social Media experts/Videographers
Event managers
Pop connections and remixers

Anne Savage


International DJ and Producer.
Tinnitus UK ambassador.
Featured in DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, seven times.

Mark Dean


DJ and Radio Presenter at Inspiration Radio
Previous LLSOM student.
Now a tutor & mentor with LLSOM.
Podcasting expert.

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