LLSOM (Lisa Lashes School of Music) is a vibrant and creative organisation, where pupils are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve endless possibilities.

The children and young people are at the heart of every decision we make to ensure they are happy, confident, and provided with opportunities that are relevant to their needs both now and in the future. 

All children should be able to experience success, growth and reach their full potential

We believe candidates should be curious about their learning and through our unique and engaging curriculum, we ensure pupils can foster a passion for learning that will help to develop high aspirations, confidence, and a lifetime of memories alongside a well-rounded education were individual talents and strengths are encouraged and nurtured!  

We marry creativity with academic learning which allows confidence to blossom and outstanding results to flourish

The school has a dedicated team of experts who work hard to reach expert standards, and this is further embedded through our successful relationships with parents, authorities and our delivery within schools and the local community.  

We value every parent and carer’s interest and support as we believe a partnership approach serves the pupils needs and expectations and, by providing our pupils with the right tools this means educational progress and ambition is necessary to develop a successful and inspired future. 

We passionately believe that education is a partnership between home and school

This could include reintegration into mainstream school, building confidence and self-belief, or even more tailored SEND (Special Educational Need or Disability) and/or EHCP (Education Health Care Plans) needs.  

We aim to enrich children’s and pupils experience, using the power of music and learning

This includes cultivating a productive lifestyle, personal resilience, transferable skills and even the basic values required to become the responsible and positive member of society, we believe all children deserve the chance to be.  

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