This course is the real deal! Everything is taught by insanely talented tutors who are some of the biggest names in dance music, but also genuinely amazing people who take real pleasure in seeing the students excel. The people you meet on the course become like a family and the opportunities that come from this course are incredible.

The past 12 weeks for me have been nothing short of life changing. When I first walked in I was at a low point, down on confidence, self-belief, and motivation for pretty much anything. I had been DJing on vinyl for a good few years and Lisa was a huge inspiration for me to get into it, she fuelled my love of dance music and when I saw she was starting a music school in my town I knew I had to be on it. I expected to be taught how to DJ on modern equipment, what I ended up with is far more, I learned exactly what is needed to make it in the music industry covering every aspect including how to organise, promote, and run an event.. The most important thing the course has given me though is a circle of friends for life who all share a common love of music.

Johnny Lester 2018 Student

I can vouch for this course! I have just completed the 12 weeks, the amount of stuff you learn is amazing! I wasn’t sure at first if you could learn everything in such a short period of time. But looking back, I know I have come a long way! I even had the pleasure of going B2B with BK at our event we planned! You seriously won’t be disappointed.

Nikki Bothwick-Adams2018 Student

This has been incredible! I’ve learnt how to use Pioneer DJ setup which will help me to get DJ gigs (couple in the pipeline). [There have been] music production masterclasses which helped my music get better overnight, artist image and social media advice, and on a personal level it has given me confidence and made me a better person. Thank you to all the tutors who gave so much information; every week was interesting.

Martyn Boswell 2018 Student

The 12 weeks of Lisa Lashes School of Music have been inspirational, exciting, and wonderful! It has been so much more than a learning experience. It has helped us improve our mixing techniques, especially in the use of colour SFX and in the creation of 'the moment' for the dance floor. It has shown us some amazing production techniques courtesy of Brandon, Rob and Ben Bk, which we are now using on our original music.

It has shown us how to promote ourselves, how to manage social media more effectively and how to promote an event, including advice on Health and Safety from Anne Savage and other experts in the field. But it has also done so much more than all of that. The quality of the teaching and standing of the tutors is world class. And the spirit of community, collaboration and friendships that has been fostered and created between the students means that this is just a beginning. To all at LLSoM we thank you from the bottom of hearts for such an amazing experience!

Jacqueline Anne Palmer 2018 Student

During an extremely difficult time in my life LLSOM welcomed me in and gave me something positive to focus on. I was accepted into the 12-week programme right after coming from back from Ibiza!

Deborah and Lisa both made me feel like the sky was the limit and I felt like I could achieve my aspirations no matter how big!

The tutors all keep the place buzzing with positivity and were always happy to answer questions whether you are a pro or a newb. The opportunities available here are massive, the help on offer is amazing and the chances to network are serious. Great course with great people.

Gambit Leroy Hendrickson 2018 Student

As soon as I saw Lisa Lashes was doing a free course, I was absolutely adamant I was going to apply and upskill in areas [such as] event management and music production. I wasn't too sure what to expect but from day one I was wowed with the classroom, the tutors and lesson one really got me excited and gripped for more!

I can honestly say the course is unique and people from all backgrounds, and skills, and knowledge are involved and you all get a bespoke learning development chart to help you focus on your learning and development. The course is flexible. I learnt so much with effects and especially music production and event management all the things I have managed to get really involved and work with the best tutors in the music scene.

I was chosen to play B2B with the Lisa who is such an inspiration to me and who I admire very much. I have nothing but the upmost respect for the woman. It has been an honour, a truly immense experience and pleasure and proud to have Lisa Rose Wyatt and Rob Tissera as my Mentors! The future is looking fantastic and I’m loving life and the journey has been taken to a new level. It was a dream of mine to play with the number one female DJ in the world and it came true!

Sarah Louisa 2018 Student

This journey came at a time for me when I was out of work and feeling quite lost about where to go. I work in a different field, have always loved music, especially the rave scene. I've been listening to rave music since 93' and raving since 99' of the days of Helter Skelter, Dreamscape United Dance etc. I fell in love with Hardcore music. I have seen the scene grow and shrink over the years and came back into rave music in a bigger way 4 years ago - religiously going back to as many festivals and raves as possible.

I decided to work in my spare time on learning music production. I had even had plans to create a computer game to promote the music.

This course came along. It was like it was meant to be! I had to get on this course! To be honest I didn’t fully believe it when I saw it and applied anyways. Then boom! I was catapulted into this knowledge base of DJing, production and creating events! This is exactly the things I need to know about to help me along my journey!

Chris Singer 2018 Student

This course has taught me so much and is an experience I’m never going to forget. The tutors are there when you need them and help you out with any advice you need. The 12 weeks has absolutely flown by and I’m so thankful for this opportunity.

Luke Vincent 2018 Student

I can’t believe 12 weeks have just gone like that. Unbelievable. What a great experience it’s been to actually be able to learn from people in the industry. This has got me on the road to production which was my main reason for coming on the course, and in the best possible way…to be able to have played the track we all made on the course with BK at the end of my set with Lisa Lashes? Epic.

I came with many years’ experience on the decks, but I have certainly still learnt a few more things that I didn’t know before. Next step is to get myself blasted out to the world and to be seen as the great DJ I am. This course has certainly given me the confidence and knowledge to do this. Especially regarding social media.

To have met such brilliant like-minded people has been very special indeed I feel I’ve made friends for life. This course offers so much more than just music it’s been an amazing journey and I would do it all over again. Thank you so much Lisa and Deborah what a team you are and a massive thank you to all the mentors on the course you’re all so incredibly helpful and skilled at what you do.

Naomi Nae Ellis 2018 Student