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Transformative Education (CIRV) Community Initiative to Reduce Violence.

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The Lisa Lashes School of Music is proud to be partnered with the Northamptonshire CIRV team (Community Initiative to Reduce Violence) working within the community to bring a first-of-its-kind academic embedded music program tackling Knife Crime, Gangs and Violence on our streets by giving our next generation a choice of alternative pathways and better choices and thought processes.

After a chance meeting with Inspector Daryl Lyons at The Platform venue, Northampton back in 2018, we realized by working with like-minded people we can make a difference and substantial change in the community.

The CIRV program gives learners a way out by offering jobs and opportunities into the Night-Time Industries with our preferred partners NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) with our bespoke course written to find the strengths and weaknesses of each individual whether it be in a music medium or giving people a focus to join like-minded learners in a creative hub which is full of industry professionals and tutors with a wealth of knowledge, happy to guide individuals to follow their dreams.

We have already experienced the way Music and Education can enrich a young mind whilst giving the learners a chance to build themselves as better characters and make better choices.

By integrating our learners and asking them to leave all preconceptions at the door, we have seen rival gang members coming together in the studio, writing lyrics, rapping, MCing and collaborating on tracks in our music production lessons, where they have to work as a team to make the music work.

Check out Deborah Hewitt’s story!

Powerful video from the students at the LLSOM, what they have learned, and how the LLSOM program has helped them as individuals to make better choices and build the dreams and aspirations they deserve.

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