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Come and Join us at the Coventry Kickstarter Job Fair!

We are here to help! In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent impact which the lockdown measures have had on the job market, it is harder than ever to start your career. Are you aged between 18-24 and receiving universal credit? Are you skilled in creative roles, business or social media? Then we need you!
Come and join us at the Kickstarter Coventry Job Fair  on Friday the 24th of September at Coventry Rugby Club. We at Lisa Lashes School of Music have a brand-new and unique opportunity for the young who wish to get involved within the events industry! No matter the level of experience, we would like to hear from people who wish to learn to organise events, show a commitment towards growth and are looking to succeed. 

How Can We Help?

As an education-based institution, Lisa Lashes School of Music prides itself on its commitment to the development of its employees. There is a strong emphasis on developing employability skills to best prepare our employees for their future endeavours, but to paraphrase our managing director “we want to train you to the point that we will be fighting to keep you!” Our staff come from all walks of life, and consequently we all bring different strengths to the table. Through team-orientated tasks we are able to give those working for us the chance to develop not only soft skills such as teamwork and communication, but also the chance to nurture and grow their pre-existing skills.
The heart of event planning lies in research, but every part of the process is intrinsic to the final result. A focus on branding and marketing allows those with prowess of editing and artistry to apply their existing skills to a product, and it also gives those with an interest in social media the ability to focus on building engagement through the use of analytical software such as Sprout and HubSpot. You may wish to learn how to interview or satisfy clients; get the word out with our podcast, whilst others may be happier to work on developing their research skills through collecting data for the various projects which we have going on. The way in which you work, the people whom you meet and the ability to network and learn from your fellow peers allows each member of the team to develop a wide range of skills. 

Additional employability support

For the duration of your enrolment, Lisa Lashes School of Music will ensure that all employees have the required tools that are needed to develop, including a laptop to work on if the employee doesn’t currently have one to make certain that they are able to work. Furthermore, extra support is offered which is tailored to the individual employee where it is required and appropriate, such as extra assistance in regards to employability, communication skills and mentorship training. Individual projects, such as writing music for promo videos or producing album artwork, enables the development of specific skills and the team-based nature of the larger projects allows for the development of soft skills, thereby guaranteeing that our employees are fully prepared for their future ventures. 

As a member of the kickstarter team myself I can vouch for the fact that Lisa Lashes’ School of Music is a fantastic team to work for, but don’t just take my word for it. Listen to the rest of the team!