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23 year old Haydn signed up for our course to gain a better insight into the music industry. He already had an extreme passion for music, and he was looking to level up from where he was, to build an outstanding career in music…

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Going through our Traineeship programme, Haydn joined our school as part of our first Manchester intake (we call them “cohorts”). There Haydn received guidance on enhancing his already solid skillset and vision for his career in music.

As well as the music production and event management skills of our course, students also undertake “functional skills” tutoring. This ensures a solid base of skills, and means Haydn leaves the course with:

  • A professional press pack.
  • A credible and professional C.V. biography.
  • A selection of professional press shots.

These things are not merely for increasing his profile and professionalism within the music industry. They are also transferable into any industry that he may wish to apply to work in.

Northampton College Partnership

We’ve partnered with Northampton College, and our course delivers a base level qualification to enter higher education.

This means that our students, like Haydn, can be considered for entering Further Education in Music without sitting for the Foundation Year at Northampton College if they meet the functional skills entry requirements.

Haydn’s career in music after Lisa Lashes School of Music

Haydn decided to carry out his dream of supplying festivals and outdoor events with huge rig sound systems as part of his career in music. Haydn successfully completed hours of tuition from our professional tutors. This combined with his own drive for success, Haydn is now making a storming success of his career. He’s behind the decks DJ’ing, as well as regularly involved with festivals and club rigs around the country.

We hope you agree that this is a fantastic achievement!

Haydn has access to more events and contacts after keeping in contact with all tutors through our student discussion platform on Facebook. He is active in asking for advice and has the best mentors to advise him. He’s in a brilliant position to continue to build an outstanding career in music.

“The School Nobody Wants to Leave…”

Haydn reiterated the powerful sentences many of our students make after the course has finished. “The school nobody wants to leave” and that is exactly what happened!

We welcomed Haydn back to our creative hub in Northampton to finish his last few weeks, as he was unable to attend all the lessons in Manchester. He moved into his Dad’s house to make sure he qualified to come to us.

Regardless of this, we would have welcomed him back with open arms as he came on the course with a ‘can do’ and ‘will do’ attitude. We have no doubt that this drive is why he has been a fixture in so many events this year. Haydn has expressed how thankful he is, as we don’t only deliver on a musical level. We deliver a “once in a lifetime” experience, with world famous DJ’s and producers eager to share their wealth of knowledge to make the student journey one to remember.

We’re proud to do that – and we’re proud that’s how Haydn and our students feel!

DJ DNHAY, Haydn Knight

About Haydn

We are very proud to present – DJ DNHAY, Haydn Knight, in his own words:

So today is the last day of Lisa Lashes School of Music and what a 12 weeks it's been!! Have been taught by some of the best and worked with some that will be the best. I hope to keep in contact with as many as possible cause you've all been amazing. Big thank you to Lisa Rose Wyatt & the team as well for making this happen and the opportunities. A kid gone from hating school environment and never turning up to not wanting to leave 😂😂

DJ DNHAY, Haydn KnightStudent of Lisa Lashes School of Music

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Would you like to follow in Haydn’s footsteps and become a student of the Lisa Lashes School of Music?

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Aged 16 - 24? Level up your life opportunities with a career in music... CLICK HERE!

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