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We are looking for members to join our team! Are you aged between 18 and 24 passionate about the events industry, music, marketing, or advertising? Here at Lisa Lashes School of Music, we are breaking new ground by teaming up with the Kickstarter Scheme to provide industry-leading opportunities in the events sector to those aged between 18-24 who are receiving Universal Credit.


So What Are We Up To?

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Kickstarter Scheme is a government-backed initiative in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. In the modern day, it is harder than ever to begin your career, and the aim of this scheme is to give access to skilled employment for those in danger of falling through the unemployment gap.

A well-known beacon of pop-culture and entertainment, Britain hosts a stunning array of events. We at Lisa Lashes School of Music will soon join the fray with our own planned event, but we need your help! We’re looking for bright, creative, passionate people to join our close-knit team. Led by industry leading professionals and in partnership with the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), we hope to spearhead an initiative to get young, talented people involved in the events sector, and revive the post-Covid-19 night scene.

In addition to learning how to plan and run an event, joining our team will provide you with the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. As an education-based institution, Lisa Lashes School of Music prides itself on the quality of content offered in its courses. That same ethos is reflected in the broad, extensive training which employees receive while working for our team. You can network with industry professionals from all walks of life, from marketing, sound engineering, to social media management.

Here is what some of our colleagues have to say:

“Working with Lisa Lashes School of Music has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. I feel I have been able to apply skills that I have developed in my own time to this job in ways that I have never been offered before” – George Asquith

“I would definitely recommend this scheme, as there is a real opportunity for so many people. They cater to people with interests in music, video production, design, events, blogging, social media.” – Andrew Efstathiou


A Day in the life of a KICKSTARTER

Here at Lisa Lashes School of Music, we encourage people to be creative and follow their ambitions. Upon enrolment, you will soon realise that no working day at Lisa Lashes School of Music is the same. With the aim of developing a wide range of abilities, you will find yourself honing in on your research skills to gain insight into marketing techniques, ways of cultivating a brand, and to find out what goes into putting on and running an event.

From content creation to liaising with clientele, Lisa Lashes School of Music offers a wide range of opportunities to apply your professional and creative skills to the real world, working on real projects. Our extensive training programme aims to bring all our employees up to the same standard. If you feel you’re lacking in skill, then don’t stress! All that’s required to work here is a passion for events, music and content creation, as well as being able to work independently and as part of a team.

With the goal of joining UK nightlife and hosting an event, Lisa Lashes School of Music hopes to cultivate a healthy, positive working culture for you. With an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, becoming a member of our team is a fantastic way to develop soft skills, such as your communication and leadership skills. If you’re ready to get stuck in and have your voice heard by those who matter, you need look no further than Lisa Lashes School of Music. Don’t believe me? Just listen to what our team has to say!


If you would like to watch a short video explaining the experiences of our current Kickstarters, click below:

If you are 18-24 and on Universal Credit, ask your Job Coach to apply for the Lisa Lashes School of Music ‘Event Assistant’ or ‘Events Team Leader’ role, using the Job Reference Number: KS75794472.
We look forward to your application!