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Another day at Lisa Lashes School of Music, and I thank the music gods that I can keep coming back to the school that no-one wants to leave.  Watching students develop over the weeks of the course is an inspiration that will stay with me for years.  Today I am shadowing one of my current students, Cayden, who may just be the next Ed Sheeran.

17 years old, with a calm and relaxed air, Cayden walks in with a guitar almost as tall as he is.  I’ve already listened to one of his tracks this morning, and I am struck by how much potential we have in the next generation.  Here is a young man, completely focused on music, churning out tracks and songs that make the hairs on your arms stand up.  (Certainly makes you consider your own potential).

Here is a course that will help him unlock this potential.

Cayden has not had an easy time of it, in and out of mental hospitals, and just generally struggling through, he has found that music is the perfect outlet for him.  His inspiration is “making people happy and feeling good about music”, and he wants people to hear his songs, for them to take his advice.

He has ambitions to be a singer/songwriter and musician, and has been playing the guitar for ten years. Hoping to release an album, he has set up a YouTube channel in the past week.  He only has one song on there at the moment, but rest assured he will add more!  So stay tuned!

Today, we learn about logos, vocal sampling, and being involved in the creation of a dance track.

But for Cayden, it’s his song that he’s looking forward to hearing.

Sitting in the studio now and the plugins are loading.  We hold our breath as his song launches from the speakers.  We are transported into the vision of the world from the eyes of a 17 year old who is noticing and understanding how beautiful life can be.

Most people would be overwhelmed by hearing their own music played with orchestral elements and effects, but Cayden is straight on the ball with how it can be made better.  “Maybe we can add some drums, and speed it up”.  Tutors work with him to shape the song further into what he envisions.   And seeing them all work together, two generations of musicians…

I realise that this is what our school is about.

There’s so much potential in these students, in the tutors…and in you as well.  The Lisa Lashes School of Music is being rolled out all over the country, already established in Manchester and Northampton.  And more opening in London and Cambridge.  Will you be the next person to step through our doors to discover your potential?

As for Cayden, he’s looking forward to a life spent with music, as well as 8 weeks on the course.  If you are interested in his journey, please head over to his YouTube channel and subscribe!  We will certainly pay attention to his path and help him in any way we can.  He already has some gigs lined up in Northampton, and we are excited to see them. ‘start of something new’.

I know that I will be humming the track for the rest of the day, and I am already eager to hear his new work.

Cayden sings, “When I was young, life was simple.” I think we can all agree that growing older certainly complicates life.  And summers that used to be spent running through playgrounds or riding your bike with mates are now spent at work or studying.  Cayden’s song echoes the emotions of growing older, while still embracing the beauty of life.  Something that everyone needs to learn, I think.

Check out Cayden’s Channel below!

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