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If you’re wondering what technology we use in the course, then look no further!  Here is a breakdown of what equipment we use on the course from one of our tutors, Richie (a.k.a Dirty Secretz – “one of House music’s most exciting artists”).

“It is absolutely vital that we are on the cutting edge for technology at the Lisa Lashes School of Music, using the industry standard DJ and production equipment. The main staples for any DJ booth are a pair of decks and a mixer. We use the industry standard Pioneer DJ Nexus setup, the CDJ-2000 players and DJM-900 mixer. These can be found in the DJ booths of any bar, club or festival across the world. As such, we train students to use them so they can confidently walk into any of these venues and play a set.

music pioneer

The students also practice on the all-in-one Pioneer DJ units, the XDJ-RX2. These replicate most of the Nexus setup, but in a compact, lower cost package. They are able to practice their beat matching skills, mixing and FX, along with recording sets via the unit. Having a similar layout to the full industry standard setup means students can step up to the next level and play a set in much the same way.

Later in the course

We also demonstrate some of the latest DJ/production hybrid equipment from Pioneer DJ that can transform a DJ set into a full live performance. The DJS-1000 sampler allows DJs to layer sounds over the top of tracks playing from the CDJs, allowing the DJ to actively remix tracks live and create truly unique sets. Not only does this add creativity to a standard DJ set, it also adds to the performance and helps the DJ stand out.

In the production studios, we have tutors teaching most major digital audio workstations (DAW), including Ableton, Logic and Cubase. This allows students to choose which software they gravitate to more, but also helps focus on techniques that can be applied to all music production software.”

If you have any questions about the equipment we use, please get in touch, we’d love to answer any questions you may have!  Also, give us a follow up on social media to keep you up to date with what we’re up to!  Apply now to our courses in either Northampton or Manchester!