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Happy Monday!  Today marks the start of a new school, with tutors heading to Manchester to start preparations for the opening and induction day tomorrow.  Our first cohort is full, but we are always accepting applications. We would be happy to see your name on our list!  To apply, click here.  Also, today we have finally released the 8th episode of our podcast, Future Heroes.  This week, we are featuring Jake Foley.

Future HeroesJake Foley is a house and techno DJ based in the south-east of England. After recently completing Lisa Lashes School of Music, Jake Foley has honed his DJ and production skills, making an exceptional name for himself. His inspiration comes from Patrick Topping, Hot Since 82, Mark Knight and many more, which is where he gained his groovy rolling tech-house sound.

With music featuring in Jake’s life from an early age, he would go to festivals and dream of being at the front of the crowd. At 23, he aims to play different sets and has a few tracks started that he needs to complete.  It’s going to be a good year for him, we’re sure!

To listen to Future Heroes, head over to Mixcloud, or click the player below!

Foley also has a Facebook page you can like to get updates on his newest tracks or latest gigs!

This week, we will release a blog about the different tech we use at Lisa Lashes School of Music!  Is there anything else you would like us to cover?  Let us know on Twitter @LashesSchool!