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I must say, coming in on a Monday morning to a nightclub is not something I’d expect to do.  But here I am sitting under some giant glitter-balls and chandeliers, with a good hot chocolate.  Instead of the normal “how was your weekend?” Lisa and Deborah talk about the future of the School of Music, surrounded by excited students and tutors alike.  The school is on the hunt for a venue in Manchester. But The Platform, a club and cafe in the heart of Northampton, is a hard venue to match.

Five cohorts of students have mixed, danced, and lit-up the club with their sound and energy.  With the next group sign-ups on the 14th February, the tutors are no doubt excited about what this next class will bring.  Truly, this course has unearthed some real talent, from the two apprentices the school has been working with now, to the up-and-coming artists, such as Adrianna (who will be performing in Wales with Lisa Lashes on March 2nd!).  

More than that, it has changed lives.  Students have noticed their confidence growing through our positive atmosphere, and have made some real friends who will last a lifetime.  The most complaints we’ve had were that they don’t want it to end, with students and tutors calling it “the school no-one wants to leave.”  

On today’s itinerary are lessons on setting up a festival, which astonishes me.  Give it a year, maybe even a handful of months, and these students could start something as big as Tomorrowland or Boomtown.

See yourself on the course at either Manchester or Northampton?  Apply here!

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