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Welcome to the next episode of Future Heroes!  This week, we are featuring break-out artist Thomas Kraft.

In September 2018, Thomas Kraft signed up to Lisa Lashes School of Music, having never DJ’ed before. Several months later, with the help of the school and tutors, as well as some hard work from him, he is well on his way to launching his DJ career.

Originally born and raised in Romania, Thomas is now established in the UK.  Having always been passionate about music, he first discovered electronic music in 2006 while listening and digging for new music.  He attended multiple party’s and events in the Romanian underground scene, following and supporting local artists and labels such as [a:rpia:r], Barac, Mihigh, Cezar, and many more.  This is where Thomas draws his musical inspiration from. We would describe his style as Minimal, with a hint of Deep House and Dub Techno, and the distinctive tracks he plays are meant to create a peaceful and powerful rhythmic atmosphere.

If you like his music, you can support him by liking and sharing his set. Enjoy!

If you’ve never DJ’ed before, and are curious about the decks, why not read our blog by a visitor of the school?  It’s sure to get you excited!

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