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This week witnessed the arrival of the BBC.  They arrived to film a feature that went live on Look East on Monday night.  It also marked the end of the beginning for all students in Cohort 3.  They have now completed the course and are heading out to continue their careers as DJs and Music Producers. 

At the end of a course that spans 12 weeks, it is always sad to say goodbye, and this is the third time we’ve had to do it.  However, there are fantastic opportunities for our students.  We’re so excited to see what they’ll do next.  Students from Cohorts 1 and 2 have already been booked for events, accepted onto apprenticeships, and some have even been selected to become tutors for the next lot of school intakes.

On Monday, the BBC came into film. Deborah was featured on the live show, where the team interviewed Lisa at The Platform Club.  Craig and Nicky, former students, were also interviewed about the course!  Nicky, after playing B2B with BK at our event Unity of Sound, has already received three bookings for next year!

Cohorts 3 and 5 had a lesson about the importance of social media. Cohort 4 were in the production studio getting their teeth into the synths.  Also featured on the itinerary for these groups were DJ assessments, track creation, personal profiling, Instagram stories, beat matching, and using the effects on the Pioneer RX2s.

Then came Tuesday: Cohort 3’s last day 

Tuesday is the final day of Cohort 3.  Their 12 weeks are up, and while it’s been impressive to watch them grow and improve…it’s time for them to continue their journey.

With a full day of learning still going on for Cohorts 4 and 5, group 3 practised in the basement for the final time of their course.  They finished their personal profiles and social media accounts, ready to launch themselves into the music industry.

Students in cohort 3 gave all the tutors and support team a mug with our logo on one side, and a message on the other side thanking the tutors for everything.

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