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Students must be punctual

Valuable information is addressed in the schools morning announcements

If you choose not to be punctual, we may not consider you for various opportunities that could arise.

Students are reminded that they should adhere to the timetables and their set schedule for the day, so as not to disrupt planned classes.

Live recordings and pictures will be taken throughout the course for promotional use on social media and other promotional platforms.


You MUST ask a tutor if you can use any of the LL SOM or the venue’s equipment when lessons stop for breaks or lunch.

You should only use the equipment if a tutor is present in the room. If something is broken, we must be told straight away so it can be reported correctly, as the equipment is expensive.

Learners are encouraged to bring their own laptops for personal use to school – you must be aware that the School of Music will not be held responsible for any damage caused.

No eating or drinking anywhere near the equipment.

No rolling tobacco near or on the equipment.

All equipment to be paid for if intentionally broken or destroyed, theft will be reported to the police.

Student Discussion

SOM will actively post homework, opportunities, equipment deals and other information in this area, so please check in regularly so you don’t miss anything.

Be mindful that we have underage students who are easily encouraged, so no bad language posts or posts of a disrespectful kind.

Use feedback on student questions positively to help them improve, rather than giving feedback negatively.

If there’s a problem regarding the school. Please bring it to the attention of the tutors and don’t post into the discussion, as it’s not an area to vent frustration.

We ask learners to refrain from setting up secret groups – use student discussions, as this could deem a sense of exclusion for fellow students.

Students will be warned once and then blocked from the online area if they post rude or bullying content or content that is not relevant to the SOM or excludes members.

Student discussions will remain active after your time at the school has ended – a small charge may be incurred to support the GDR requirements for this.


Any problems or alarming information received at the school regarding or from a student will be discussed with fellow tutors for safeguarding. We will discuss this information between ourselves and contact outside individuals where we need assistance with individual learners to safeguard ourselves and our fellow students.

This program facilitates and adapts lessons to meet the needs of some students.

Certain students are authorised to exit the lesson throughout the day due to medical reasons.


It’s at the tutor’s discretion who has decided to stay on and represent the SOM in the music industry and in any apprenticeship given out by the school.

Once the course is finished, students are welcome to say they attended the SOM course on social media, press, and PR, but cannot use the logos or artwork on flyers after their name if they are not on the SOM DJ agency.

We cannot guarantee that we will facilitate every learner on their music journey, but we will endeavour to give the best advice of our tutors and continue to mentor through the student’s discussion.

Final Rule

Have lots and lots of fun, and take this opportunity to meet new and like-minded people, build new friendships, and build a better music industry and night-time economy.

Use the experience and knowledge you’ve gained on the course to work for you, to build confidence and aspirations you didn’t believe were possible.