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Alternative ProvisionFinding the creative spark in young minds

We have designed and created a first of its kind real life music programme to develop students with the core skills required to enter the creative industry (specialising in their chosen subject).

Through an accelerated learning 12-week course, students will then fast track with no minimum previous education, back into education, or to a creative opportunity in which we endeavour to watch out for with all our pupils as a positive outcome and into a creative medium.

We have partnered with the local college in the area, and they have gratefully taken away the foundation year for any of our pupils from LLSOM, as long as they gain the required Functional Skills level, which will be base-level entry to access the courses.

Lessons include skills and knowledge for the following areas:

  • Music Production
  • Event Management
  • Event Promotion
  • DJing

The program can deliver:

  • Online courses face to face or through the ZOOM/Teams platform.
  • Up to 50 learners
  • 2 – 6 contact hours per day
  • Sate-of-the-art venue
  • Contemporary yet luxurious feel
  • Opens pupils’ minds to a different way of thinking.
  • Non-conventional ways of teaching
  • Bespoke tried and tested curriculum following Government standards

In addition to the opportunity to assess the LLSOM Event Management Trailblazer throughout the UK, with access to apprenticeships in the nighttime industries, whose (over 100) members have pledged their support to the course to get these young vulnerable minds who find themselves with us into a different thought process and pathway which will, hoping in turn, give them the dreams, aspirations and encouragement to want to go out and get a different life for themselves and their families.

The platform in Northampton, which will house the “Lisa Lashes School of Music,” has been purpose built by the University of Northampton’s student union, and as an innovative space that incorporates modern training facilities for learners to experience.

A team of specialist DJ’s, music teachers and high-end industry professionals will be involved in the school’s future programmes of accelerated short courses/traineeships/BTEC’s and Apprenticeships. The university can benefit from the school’s intake, as we hand hold the pupil either back into education or to higher education within the criteria we believe the pupil will excel at.

With the school’s education bus in the pipeline, the bus will provide access to a fun, memorable and safe learning environment. Being mobile, it can also bring classrooms to schools, colleges, universities, youth events and festivals, highlighting the Lisa Lashes School of Music to a wider audience.

We have appointed a head teacher and deputy head alongside music professionals, so we can ensure that we teach within government standards through a musical yet educational curriculum that we have adapted many times to perfect.

We truly believe that in this increasingly developing market, the possibilities are endless, as this programme encourages confidence and self-esteem, all embedded within the universal love of music. We believe in each student and our commitment to positive change is the fundamental driving force of this programme.

Organisation Structure

CEO Lisa Rose Wyatt [email protected]
MD Deborah Hewitt [email protected]
Head Teacher Jade Gibson [email protected]
Deputy Head Teacher Gordon May [email protected]