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About the course

Learn everything you need to know to become a music professional from our bespoke lessons and courses we deliver online and face-to-face at our state of the art venues throughout the country!

We are currently running 2 days a week in Northampton, with Manchester, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and London in the pipeline. We’ve brought together a fantastic team of international DJs, industry professionals and musicians to teach you everything you’ll need to know to get started in the industry.

The Lisa Lashes School of Music started in July 2018 and runs continuously with funded and paid courses. All you need to do is apply online, and we’ll be in touch to let you know when you can start.

Check out the video on the right to see our locations in Manchester and Northampton, as well as hear from some of our tutors and students.

Course content

Music production

The music production course is a hands-on study of modern recording, mixing, programming, creating and post-production techniques. This will take place with our tutors who have a wealth of experience and are professionals in the music industry.

Through a series of hands-on lessons throughout the programme, students will understand recording, programming and mixing projects with a music industry producer and engineer.

Students will learn the fundamentals of analogue and digital audio technology, recording techniques, DAW’s and session management, including file exchange integration of midi with audio tracks, editing, and professional mixing techniques.


LLSOM will be looking to bring a select few students onto the DJ agency, the record label, or as an employed member of the school, as an apprentice. So, from the moment the learner steps into the school, they will be assessed not only on musical performance or DJ’s ability, but also how they conduct themselves throughout, including time-keeping, able to follow instruction, take advice on-board and action it, and have the drive and professionalism to make it in the music industry.

Whether a student is learning to DJ, studying music production or accessing the industry, we guarantee the environment will be met with like-minded people. The course will be filled with knowledge on how to build a career with solid foundations that can inspire a way of thinking that can be transferred into any line of work, in any industry, and applied to any passion.

The school has witnessed first-hand what this program brings to its learners, including new friends collaborating with tutors on productions, having the confidence to apply for jobs outside the school, and more importantly, it gives learners newfound aspirations and direction after being on the program, to which everyone deserves to thrive.

The student’s online discussion area will be merged once the candidates have finished the course, so learners can keep in touch and discuss future events and opportunities, as long as the guidelines are adhered to. We will always have a connection with our learners, even after the course, and give advice and guidance whenever possible, sharing best practice, for many years to come. Learners can access online videos and content as a lifetime member of the SOM community.

The Lisa Lashes School of Music will cover a wide range of academic and masterclasses to ensure candidates have a good all-round base of knowledge and brief insight into what it takes to start and be sustainable in the music industry.

Students will learn to DJ using the latest industry standard equipment from Pioneer. The course includes master classes from international DJs covering all aspects of DJ performance.

Students will learn how to produce music using Ableton and Logic.  Leading industry professionals will teach the lessons, covering every aspect of music production, from composition to mastering.

Learn key marketing skills, such as branding and advertising. Find out the best strategies for promoting online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat.

Develop your skills in live broadcasting. Students will learn how to present a radio show and interview guests.

Learn how to run events safely for staff and customers. Includes training in health & safety, tinnitus in the workplace, mental health and accessibility.

As part of your ongoing involvement with the course, you will have the opportunity to organise, promote and perform at your own club night. Working alongside your fellow students, you will use the skills you’ve learned to create your own club night and hold it at an appropriate venue.

Lessons, whether online or in class, will be performed by highly trained tutors with a wealth of industry experience and knowledge covering many fields. Guided learning hours will be set out in terms of the funding stream, and learners will be given a curriculum that includes the funding criteria needed to fund learners for free.

While on programme and in LLSOM hours, candidates will have access to the latest industry standard equipment provided by LLSOM.

Course Overview Video

Check out this video, which shows you the range of lesson content and the online resources you’ll have access to as a student.

The 12-week accelerated programme will cover a selection of bite-sized lessons, including:

  • DJ Sessions, including DJ theory
  • Music Production/track creation
  • Personal Profiling
  • Event Management
  • Social Media
  • Interview techniques
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Music social media
  • Logo/Brand ideas
  • Rekordbox tutorial
  • Ableton tutorial
  • Logic tutorial
  • Agency/Management
  • Label management
  • Jobs and opportunities in the music industry/other revenue streams

Plus, many more tried and tested lessons.

During the course, you will learn about these specific areas which will help you towards a career in the music industry if desired:

  • Putting together a DJ press pack
  • Press shots
  • Write your Bio
  • Setting up your social media streams
  • Advice on DJ agencies
  • Record label – sell your music online

Meet the instructors

We’ve assembled a fantastic team of industry professionals to guide you through this unique, tried, and tested course.

See our students in action

Check out the footage from one of our lessons!