Northampton 12 week evening course


We’re training a new generation of DJs, music producers and event managers.

The Lisa Lashes School of Music DJing and Music Production course is now available to paying students of any age or background.

Secure your place at the UK’s fastest growing music school.

  • 12 week evening course
  • 1 day per week (Thursday)
  • Many Lessons covering DJ skills, music product and event management
  • Total cost for the course is just £300
  • The school hours are from 16:30-19:00
  • Full access to this website including video courses and private mentoring
  • Student only discounts including 40% off Ableton products, 10% off Pioneer & Fabtronic products

The 12-week accelerated program will be covering a selection of lessons including:

  • DJ Sessions
  • Using Rekordbox
  • Music Production/track creation (Logic/Ableton)
  • Social Media and Branding
  • Advice and help with jobs and opportunities in the music industry
  • Learning how to use the best industry standard DJ set-up’s

Plus, many more tried and tested lessons


Product Description

The process

  1. Pay the £300 payment for the 12 week course.
  2. You pay the full balance prior to your start date.