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Lisa Lashes School of Music continues to make massive strides in the field of music education by providing students with comprehensive, individualized programming that is revolutionizing the industry.

The school started as a grass roots effort to teach people DJ skills and, in less than a year, evolved into a fully funded school that has grabbed the attention of seasoned educators and municipalities alike. PTS Training Academy, an apprenticeship and short course provider, saw the potential the school had, and have supported the course from the beginning.  Matthew Joyce, Director of PTS, said he is “excited for the course’s future” and is “proud to be a part of this movement within the music industry.”

Today it was announced that they will carry the brand into more UK cities in 2019 starting with Greater Manchester in January.

“The demand is growing”, said Deborah Hewitt, founding partner and mentor to students at the school. “Lisa and I have met with officials in many cities over the past year that want to bring Lisa Lashes School of Music to their communities because they have seen firsthand what the school provides. We’re an ever growing family that truly connects people together through music and education. We are thrilled to bring this concept to more locations and help as many people as we can.”

At the core of the school’s success is that Lisa and her partner Deborah Hewitt have embraced the challenges of those who may not fit the mold of a traditional school environment, and it has proven to be nothing short of transformative.

The 12 weeks of Lisa Lashes School of Music have been inspirational, exciting, and wonderful!  It has been so much more than a learning experience. It has helped us improve our mixing techniques, especially in the use of colour SFX and in the creation of ‘the moment’ for the dance floor. It has shown us some amazing production techniques courtesy of Brandon, Rob and Ben Bk, (tutors) which we are now using on our original music. 

It has shown us how to promote ourselves, how to manage social media more effectively and how to promote an event, including advice on Health and Safety from Anne Savage and other experts in the field. But it has also done so much more than all of that. The quality of the teaching and standing of the tutors is world class. And the spirit of community, collaboration and friendships that has been fostered and created between the students means that this is just a beginning. To all at LLSoM we thank you from the bottom of hearts for such an amazing experience!” -Jacqueline Anne Palmer, Lisa Lashes School of Music graduate, 2018

What sets this school apart is that it doesn’t behave like a school. Individual attention is given to students and those with special needs are met with lesson plans that highlight their unique abilities and that are adaptive to how they learn. This has caught the attention of officials on a variety of state and local levels who have seen the metamorphic results that this twelve-week course has had on its graduates and now want to fund schools of their own.

Lisa Lashes School of Music is now a thriving epicenter for people who are serious about a career in music. The word is out that not only does the school churn out qualified professionals who get jobs in the music industry, it is also a welcoming beacon for the disenfranchised among us. Students come from hundreds of miles, twice a week for twelve weeks in order to participate in this life-changing education and real-world engagement. They are taught by accredited tutors, industry professionals and both Lisa and Deborah, who manage their ever-growing student population.

Manchester will be the second Lisa Lashes School of Music and will launch in January, 2019.

Enrollment is open and the 12-week course is free for students

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